About Me

My name is Donna Keeley. I’m a middle-aged, divorced mom who has been around and seen and done quite a few things during her years. I’m old enough to have strong opinions about things, both old and new. I’m an old geek who loves all gadgets, movies, books, television shows related to geek culture and suffered through the years when it was a stigma and not a privilege.

I have a BS in Communication Design (that’s Bachelor of Science, although the other definition works well too) with a minor in Educational Psychology and worked creating training programs for the military during most of my career. I had a consulting business until my younger son was diagnosed with autism, then that shingle came down and I put on my “therapy mom” hat. I’m currently trying to earn a living as a freelance writer and author of the Paranormal Mystery series of books.

I call myself a grumpy old lady which is my excuse for complaining and being satirical about current issues. My hero, Andy Rooney, was a wonderful curmudgeon and I miss him greatly.


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