Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

There is a much larger problem in this nation that Roe vs. Wade and the Hobby Lobby ruling.

There are people who are not doctors that want to dictate what a patient (exclusively female) can and cannot due for their medical health. Citing deeply held religious beliefs, certain employers want to control which medications their employees can take and right-wing legislators are backing them up.  In addition, people who claim to be “Pro-Life” want to get rid of clinics that offer health services to woman who desperately need medical exams to maintain their health and to screen for cancer. Without these health services, women die. How can that possibly be Pro-Life?

We need a new Amendment to the Constitution that states:

The Federal government shall make no law that abridges access to health care. Medical care is determined by an individual and their chosen health care provider.

No one, except the patient and doctor, should be making medical decisions. No religious group or politician should even consider telling someone which health services they are entitled to. We need to go back to minding our own damn business and get our noses out of others. Those that only care about babies when they are in the womb but turn around and vilify single mothers are NOT Pro-Life. They are most definitely NOT Christian, despite their belief they are.

Let’s push for a single-payer healthcare system. Taking away employer-sponsored health insurance will make the Hobby Lobby ruling null and void. Healthcare professionals are the ones who need to take back the power from legislators. In what universe does it make any sense to have politicians who are against science make decisions about healthcare – which is a science.

Health insurance is the biggest scam in America. Hospitals and medical offices have to charge more to cover the cost administrating claims to multiple health insurance companies. If we had national healthcare then it would be only the government that medical offices would deal with. The costs of a medical practice would go down and the cost of providing services would also go down. A single-payer system would save BILLIONS. Doesn’t that represent fiscal responsibility?

The bottom line is, the sooner we take healthcare back from the private sector the better it will be for everyone.


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